Druid Queen of the Damned

‘Tis Zul, the 3rd day of Zarantyr, year of our lords 689.

It was a harsh long winter. Most lands were covered in feet of snow and treacherous ice. Cattle and crops died off and so did more than a few less hearty villagers. Leading most survivors to forgo the Festival of Nowruz, an ancient New Year’s tradition in Egrondal, and try your luck in the lands across the Scode Sea.

Each adventurer, in their own separate countries, heard tell of lush green lands as far as the eye could see. Food aplenty and cups overflowing with the strongest ale this side of Gondorthell. Even in the dead of winter, when death and decay spread all around, for some mysterious reason Egrondal is still flourishing.

Rumor has it that the people of Egrondal are under the protection of a great Druid Queen Haylandra of Tumunzan. It is her oneness with nature that brings good fortune on her lands.

Our adventurers, appointed as a representative of their various far away lands, come to lay gifts upon Queen Haylandra in the hopes that her blessings will be bestowed upon your homelands as well.

After the catastrophe at sea, each of them reaches for their carrying sacks, frantically searching for your gifts for Queen Haylandra.

Druid Queen of the Damned

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